M’sian Man Lost 1 Million to Genting Casino Yet Got Chased Out After Winning Half A Million

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  • Monday, 23 May 2022

CHERAS: Genting wants their players to lose money? Recently, Liao, a 37-year-old man from Cheras, shared on Facebook to express his dissatisfaction with Genting.

He claims that he had been a devoted player since 2019 and had lost approximately RM1 million in total. Genting, on the other hand, refused to pay out when he won RM500,000 from baccarat, citing there was a “human error, therefore winnings are void.”

Liao revealed that he runs a family-owned bird nest business and that money is not an issue for him. “I’ve always liked playing baccarat. Whenever I’ve got the opportunity, I’ll drive up to Genting for a few rounds of baccarat. I believe I have lost close to RM1 million to the casino over the last three years,”

Despite losing or having to follow Genting’s new policy of a minimum RM300 betting requirement, he never resented Genting since he feels it is a means for the company to make money. However, what Genting did last week convinced him that he should no longer bother visiting the casino.

“On Thursday, I won RM500,000 at baccarat for the first time. Later, a member of staff led me to a room, and I was overjoyed because I thought they were going to pay me immediately. I wasn’t expecting them to inform me that the Croupier (dealer) was inexperienced and misinterpreted the rules when throwing out the cards, thus the game didn’t count.”

Liao vowed never to return to Genting Casino and tried to play baccarat on credible online platforms instead. “I noticed on Facebook that Tom Cruise, my favorite American actor supports the international brand called Maxim88 so I tried playing baccarat on their platform,”

“Aside from the partnership with Tom Cruise, Maxim88 also has an exclusive deal with Evolution Gaming, the world’s number one baccarat game provider, which offers top-notch gaming services. Call me salty but they’re far more professional than Genting. They’re also trustworthy since Tom Cruise and Evolution Gaming back them up,”

Despite the fact that Liao has only recently begun playing at Maxim88, he has already claimed the ‘Evo Unlimited Cashback’ offer several times and collected over RM2,000 free bonuses.

“The more you play at Maxim88, the more bonuses you will receive for free so you don’t have to wager your money like you would at Genting. The odds are also better at Evolution Gaming’s exclusive tables. So far, I’ve won about RM19,453 from Maxim88. I had no idea that online gambling could actually make you money. I will continue to support Maxim88 because they truly pay out my winnings!

Given the popularity of Evolution Gaming’s exclusive gaming tables, Maxim88 has announced to reward players by introducing the “Evolution Lucky Draw,”, allowing players to win up to RM10,000  for every RM500 deposit. For more information, visit Maxim88’s official website.


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