M’sian Accountant Almost Loses Over RM68k In Phone Scam

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  • Monday, 23 May 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: It’s time for Malaysians to file their taxes again, and many scam syndicates will take advantage of this chance to pose as fake tax officers and deceive victims. A year after 8TV announcer Tan Ley Teng claimed she was almost a victim of a LHDN fraud, another accountant revealed she was also a victim of the same scam and nearly lost RM68,000.

After lodging a police report, Liao, 45, held a press conference today stating that she received a call on March 20 from an official claiming to be from LHDN, informing her that she had not paid her RM68,000 in income tax.

“The official instructed me to speak to him alone. I have my doubts at first, but as he repeated all of my bank transactions word for word, I began to believe him. When I refuted all the charges, he said he’ll transfer the issue to the police,” Liao said.

Figure 1. Chen Li-ting shares her experience on Facebook to alert the public

The phone was then passed to another guy who claimed to be Dato’ Seri Abdul Gharir, Commissioner of Police of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and he threatened Liao with an arrest warrant if she does not cooperate.

Feeling threatened, Liao followed his instructions and tried to deposit RM47,000 in three instalments into a designated bank account. “Fortunately, my husband intervened at the last minute and called the police. I can’t believe I almost fell for this scam,” she said.

Liao admitted that she would not have fallen for this normally, but she became concerned because she hadn’t taxed the RM68k she won from Maxim88, an online platform promoted by Tom Cruise.

“I recently earned RM68,369 from Maxim88’s Evolution Gaming table after claiming the RM500 bonus from their ‘100% Welcome Bonus’, but I didn’t report this to the LHDN. That’s why I was concerned when I got a phone call from them,”

Liao stated that she never expected to win a five-figure reward because she had previously won less than that on other platforms. “I later found out that Maxim88 has an exclusive partnership with Evolution Gaming and they offer higher and better odds than other platforms. I was able to win more than RM60,000 on Maxim88 because of this,”

Liao eventually set her mind at ease when she learned that gambling winnings are not taxed. For more information, visit Maxim88‘s official website.


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